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Constantly touring for 3 years, and during that time playing upwards of 1000 gigs, it is no denying that the Barb Wire Dolls have certainly earned their reputation as one of Punk Rocks most dedicated and hardworking bands around today.

It wasn't always that way tho as Pyn (Founder member and Guitarist) explains "I'd been playing with my previous Band in and around Greece, not doing anything much and not going anywhere" when he decided, 3 or 4 years ago, to pack the whole band up and taking, Isis (BWD Vocalist) and Drummer, Crash with him, relocated to Los Angeles in the US. A brave move indeed, "Thats why we started working as Barb Wire Dolls straight away", constantly playing Clubs and Bars in the LA area and establishing contacts with like minded 'Old School' Punk Rockers gig offers soon started to come in thick and fast and BWD found themselves travelling further and farther afield around the States and even finding time for the occassional short visit to Europe. "Yes it was very hard work" admits Crash, but he continues, "We all love it, it's like a job now and it's what we love doing. We wouldn't do it if we didn't enjoy it".

Spring 2013 saw the release of Barb Wire Dolls brilliant debut Album "Slit" on their own self-financed BWD Recordings, 12 Songs, incluting "Revolution", "Wild Child Diamonds", "Your Escape", "World on fire" and "Shut up Slut!" crowd pleasing favourites amongst many others.

Naturally, the extended tour of the States continued, followed by a return to Europe playing (almost) everynight for 4 Months solid, not even a break for Xmas as they have gigs (in Germany) Xmas Eve and Day, but as Isis says "We will have New year at home in Greece, our last date is on the 30th of December, so we can celebrate New Year with family and friends and relax". A well earned rest indeed, especially as the last 6 weeks of the tour  Isis has been performing in absolute agony after a 'Stage diving' accident in Norwich which resulted in her having to spend the night in hospital being treated for a broken scapula and severe concussion, "We thought we'd have to cancel the rest of the tour because of that" says Isis "But we'd nearly finished so we carry on". This wasn't the only disaster for the Band tho, back in August the constant touring had taken its toll on their then Bassist who announced just before the first German 'leg' of the tour that he was leaving the Band.

In steps Remington Doll, the newest member of the Band and the only American in the line-up, "I was living in my car, travelling the States when I received a call from Pyn, would I join up with them in Germany", "I sold my car and my stuff, collected my Bass from storage and have been with them ever since".

The hard earned "rest and relaxation" which they're all so much looking forward to is without doubt well deserved especially as Isis needs time for her shoulder to recover properly, but with the Band constantly showcasing new material and Isis and Pyn writing new Songs all the time a 2nd Album surely must be earmarked for release early in 2014, and with that more Dates, more Touring, hopefully a return to the UK, and when they do return, I will certainly be there to welcome them. Viva Barb Wire Dolls xxxx.

1/ Got to start by asking? Healthy Junkies is a bit of a contradiction in terms, how come you chose that as a name?
These days it seems everybody is junkie to something whether it'd be TV or facebook, nevermind drugs. Also we live in a world where pharmaceutical companies keep the world numbed with the likes of prozac. So if you think along those lines you get some idea. 

2/ Tell us a little bit about the Band, Tell us a little bit about yourselfs, Who are you, how you got together to form Healthy Junkies?
I came over to England from France in 2005 to meet other musicians and form a band. I met Phil in 2008, he was on tour with another band at the time. We just started writing songs together and released our first two singles Copycat and Trash my Love in 2010. We have undergone various line up changes, currently we are working with Danny Fury who was in Lords of the New Church, on drums, and Dave Renegade on bass.

3/ Your 2nd Album, "The lost Refuge", got a rave review on our very own @reviews' page, how well has it been received by the actual CD buying public?
Everyone's giving us lots of very good feedback, people buy the album at gigs which enables us to keep on traveling and playing.

4/ Most of your songs seen to be written from a personal point of view, none more so than "Scam update" is it aimed anyone in particular? Are you at liberty to explain why?
Phil and I wrote Scam Update after we had been approached by a record label in Milton Keynes. Thy basically made us a lot of promises, tried their bst to impress us and then offered us a deal which would have involved us paying them for something we could do ourselves at a hugely over inflated price. It seems that there is an awful lot of people out there willing to take money off musicians who don't have much money themselves. Exploitation of any kind surely has to be questioned.

5/ Musically you cross many parameters and you've developed your own sound, is the music you listen to when not performing with HJ as broad as it is wide?
We listen to a variety of music such as Bauhaus, David Bowie, Nirvana, The Doors, The Vines, Sonic Youth, The Stranglers and the list goes on and on. Mainly we like guitar driven music but there is also a range of other stuffs in our collection at home going from classical music to experimental music to pop from the eighties. As well as listening to well known artists we like to discover underground bands too either on the internet or by going out to gigs. The best music around today is not heard by the masses and you have to look a bit harder yourself to find those little gems of today. 

6/ Although I've yet to catch you live, I've heard, from some very reliable sources, that Healthy Junkies are "A Brilliant Band 'live', Live and on Stage, is that where you really come into your own?
The live performance enables us to bring theatre into play, sometimes we like to extend the songs and take them somewhere else on a journey. That keeps the live performance fresh and off the moment. We have played a lot of gigs over the last few years in order to develop the sound and the performance and it has worked, the more you play the more confident and comfortable you are to play on stage, you want it to feel like you're in your living room.

7/ What format gigs do you prefer to play Pubs & Clubs or Weekenders?
Anywhere that will have us. We are starting to build up a following in certain towns and cities in the UK now. Festivals are great because you there is going to be a crowd there and more chances for your music to get heard.

8/ You've been playing a fair bit around the London area of late, a mini-tour almost, have you played with any other bands who have impressed you?
We played with many bands that have impressed us including Barb Wire Dolls, Jelly, DragSTER, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons, In Evil Hour, Bubblegum Screw, The Smears to name only a few but there are a lot more.

9/ You are prepared to travel further afield than just London and the South tho?
The best thing we did was to branch outside London by playing Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham etc We met many bands and some promoters  along the way and this led to us being signed to STP record and being booked for various festivals.

10/ I believe there's a French connection isn't there?
Yes I am from Paris. The french are passionate about british and american rock'n'roll. I am one of them.

11/ 2013 is almost over now, do you have any definate plans 'set in stone for 2014 yet?
Yes we've been booked for a few festivals already including BBA Taking Control in Belfast in June, Nice and Sleazy Festival in Morecambe and the Cheap as chips festival somewhere in the north east of England. We also have a tour booked in Holland and Germany in February. We have written a whole bunch of new songs some of which we're already playing live with the new line up and we'd like to record them at some point.

12/ So, if a promoter or someone wanting to know more about the Healthy Junkies wanted to get in touch, how could they do this?
Through our facebook page or on our official email address [email protected]

13/ Well thats it, thanks for answering my questions, anything you wanna add to finish this Interview thing off?
It's good to know there are still plenty of like minded people who are passionate about real music in the UK and in fact all over the world. Let's keep flying the flag of rock'n'roll.



1/ KLASSE KRIMINALE is quite a well known from years gone by, but for those of us who dont know, please tell us a little about the Bands history?

I formed the original K.K. with Marco back in italy in 1985,wrote pretty much all the material, then in 91 i decided to leave the band for personal reason and move to the U.K . 

 2/ How come you decided to relocate and reform the Band here in the UK? 

I moved to the u.k 20 years ago ,i always loved England and i wanted to live here so i did :0). The reason why i decide to form Antonella's k.k. its mainly becouse i got fed up with people taking all the credit, re writing hystory and talking gob shite about me! 

3/ Was it a Same name/New Band/New Start or a continuance of KK's evolution? 

Well my name is Antonella and K.K. was my first band so i wanted to carry one with something that belong to me anyway. 

4/ A lot of the Original Line-ups songs were sung in Italian, do you still play them? 

We still play a few like Costruito in Italia,Ragazzi,and Quanti altri come te.The rest of the songs are all new mainly from my new album Phoenix and they are in english. 

5/ With English lyrics or would they lose something in translation? 

We decided to sing the original songs in italian. 

6/ One of the most notable changes to the KK line up is you (Antonella) moving onto Vocals, hows that suiting you? 

Antonella 's k.k. has nothing to do with the other k.k. in italy we have nothing in common. I love singing so i really enjoing that at mo :0) 

7/ Are you the only one of the 'original' line-up left, the only Italian in town hey? 

Yep i am the one and only lol 

8/ You've recently returned from playing a couple of gigs back in Italy, how was this new look Klasse Kriminale received by the old school KK fans? 

It was fantastic! great people great gig i can't wait to go back there again 

9/ You didnt get a hard time from Marco B's mates? 

they follow a different scene there is no common ground 

10/ You've not been banished never to return then? 

ha ha i am a free spirit i do what i like lol 

11/ What other gigs you got lined-up? Any UK dates? 

yes we will be playing the Monster of Oi! here in the u.k 

12/ And you're always open to offers? 

yes of course. we are always looking to play live, we want to play loads more gigs throughout 2014, anyone help please get in touch

13/ Do you have a Webpage or whatever where people can keep up to date with your upcoming gigs and news? 

Not at mo but i am on Facebook and Myspace. 

14/ If someone wanted to drop you a line to offer you a gig or interview or summut, how can they contact you? 

Just send me a private message here on f.b 

15/ I think thats about it for now Antonella, thanks for answering these questions, anything else you wanna add to finish me, er, I mean this interview, off? 

Thanks for the support :0) hope to see you all soon ! Enjoy life every day 's a gift xx

1/ Blest Mess are a reletively new Band, and being in the US most of the UK remain ignorant, tell us a little about your Band, who you are where you're from etc?
Blest Mess is a 3 piece Female-Fronted Old School Punk/Hardcore band from New York & New Jersey - USA
Miss Chris Crash - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Bert Reynolds - Drums
Randi Stokes - Bass

2/ Have any of you played in Bands before? Any we may have heard of?
Nothing Mentionable, lol. Randi the Bass Player is also in a Death Metal Band called Disma.

3/ So, how did you get together to form Blest Mess?
In 2011 I decided to take my own personal catalog of music and form Blest Mess. I also manage the band.

4/ And you're all getting along fine and enjoying yourselves?
We haven't killed one another yet.

5/ You've already released a demo as a CDEP, how well has that been received amongst the great unwashed?
Nobody has told us that it sucks yet so I guess they like it.

6/ Are you happy with the way its turned out?

7/ So an 'official' release, maybe an Album, could be on the cards very soon?
We have already begun Pre-production work for Blest Mess - The Album (Street Urchin Records) to be released in 2014
8/ I spose you'll be gigging like hell then to promote it, any plans to come to the UK?
We just toured the UK  July 25 - August 11, 2013 and are confirmed to play Rebellion Festival 2014 in Blackpool. I am in the process of building a tour around that to promote the Debut Album Release.

9/ Would you come to the UK if the oppurtunity came up?
We are confirmed to play The Rebellion Festival 2014 in Blackpool, England and any opportunity to come to England is always welcome. WE LOVE ENGLAND and have been very influenced by British Punk.

10/ So if a promoter here, or in Europe, wanted to get in touch, how would they find out more about you and how would they contact you?  or [email protected]

11/ Hopefully we'll be seeing you sometime very soon, Blest Mess are a great Band. Anything you'd like to add just to finish this interview thingy off for us?
I am a Native-New Yorker and Very Honest.
I Personally Feel that the Music Should Sell The Band, Not The Bitch. There are Too Many Bands that get by on just Pimping Off The Girl and many have been successful at it. You can put Lipstick on a Pig but a Pig is still a Pig. Anyone with a Brain can figure it out.
It is Very Important to Me that everyone in Blest Mess including Myself, continue to keep growing as a Musician and being as Professional as Possible. I want each show and recording to be better than the last. I have a strong work ethic even if it is just Punk Rock.

1/ Oi! Oi! Mate, time for our traditional chinwag, hows things going fella?

It was going all right, mate, until we realised we deposited 30-odd years of the band’s royalties – all £37.20 of it- in the Co-Op. We hope that nice Reverend Flowers has invested it coke, crack and ‘Special K’. He’s been caught on camera agreeing to screw young men – though he screwed us a lot worse with his mortgage rates. That old Co-Op slogan ‘We go further so you don’t have to’ makes a lot more sense now.

2/ So, how’s 2013 been for you, not one of your busier years I guess?

Are you kidding? We never stop! We’ve had three singles and an album out this year – the split ep with the Uprisers, our track on the Hooligan Classics ep and the DMG ‘Doctor Punk’ split single with Maninblack. We’ve even played a few gigs. What more do you want from us, you whip-cracking slave-driving bastard?

3/ Any real highlights or disappointments tho?

Yeah. We played Charlton in November which was a real home-town blast – we played the Liberal Club because the Whig Club seems to have shut down sometime in the 19th Century. We also played SkaMouth as the Gonads because the SkaNads couldn’t make it – and went down like Miley Cyrus on a sponge finger. Germany was fun too. The biggest let-down was the Russian shows falling through. The rest are all sexual. At our age it’s impossible to meet all the demands from our glamorous groupies (Ida and Ethel Clunge). On several occasions I’ve had to give up after just three hours. The message for our female fans is clear: book early to avoid disappointment.

4/ What happened with the new Album, that failed to materialise didn’t it?

Do you mean the 16-track Built For Destruction album that came out on Randale Records in the Summer?? (Rest of answer censored due to excessive sarcasm).

5/ So when we gonna see that?

As soon as you buy, blag or steal a copy as it has been fully available on CD and vinyl for half an effin’ year, and very good it is too – especially ‘Dogging In Dartford’ which is based on a very true and moving story. Just don’t play it to Cheryl Baker in case she sues or comes after me with a spanking paddle 

(on second thoughts, please do play her it as soon as possible)

6/ I've noticed a few bands ie: The Rejects, Sham69, SLF etc, actually doing proper tours again now, that cant be a bad thing can it?

Good luck to them. They have to put in more hours than us as they’re not as popular as us or as good-looking.

7/ Any plans to schlep your Gonads up and down the Country yourself?

Fuck that, sounds too much like hard work. Someone tried to get us to play seven dates in Holland and Germany on the trot. Can you imagine that, with South Coast Steve gibbering like a gibbon 24/7? We’d have finished the tour in straight-jackets.

8/ Be good to see you out and about tho, or is it just festivals for you these days?

Too many pub gigs are badly promoted or otherwise flawed, but we are always open to genuine offers and happy to discuss new ideas. We’re not money-grabbing bastards like some I could mention. We will play Rebellion next August, and Burslem as that gig got cancelled. We will play the Black Forest again in the summer. We’re trying to make the US work again, we’ve been asked to play Brazil and Australia. But we need to work with proper promoters because otherwise everything turns to shit.

9/ The 'Underdog' Bands have been opening up "Oi! friendly" Venues all over the shop, do you think the scene is getting stronger once again?

No. I don’t. Not in the UK, although well done to Bill and the OiOi The Shop team for opening up some decent venues and putting on trouble-free gigs. Who are the underdog bands? There are a lot of good younger bands about but they tend to be abroad, or from abroad. Actually, irrespective of age there are a lot of good bands about. I really rate the Harrington Saints, Booze & Glory, NOi!se, Lion’s Law, Gesaltz, the Uppercuts...I could reel off a load of great bands

10/ Time for a new Official Oi! Compilation Album then isn't it?

Yes it probably is.

11/ Has anyone approached you about doing one, and would you do it if they did?

I would do it. It would work best as a joint release by a label in Europe and a US label. I’d do it if they paid the bands’ modest recording costs or paid them in vinyl, and especially if Lars wanted to be involved on the production side. I love the sound he’s got on the OFC album. ‘Born Criminal’ is a great song.

12/ Oi! will always be with use, its a part of the Working Class psyche now, but the 'scene' seems to constantly divide into factions, what can be done to keep things together?

Well, I guess it is to a degree, but not as much part of the working class mainstream here as it is in some other countries. I think Oi-influenced bands could make a national impact again, but it won’t be done by geezers in their 50s with beer-guts spouting tired old clichés. You have to be the poison in the machine not the nutter on a park bench ranting at squirrels. The thing about bands like Stomper and Perkele is they are doing their own thing. If Oi or bands with the same spirit are ever to mean anything in the UK again then first and foremost they have to write decent songs. I think that’s true of the UK Ska scene too, there are too many people in that looking backwards. It’s too retro. As the great sage Noddy Holder said “Look to the future now, it’s only just be-gu-uh-uh-uhn.”

If by factions you mean politics, keeping organised extremist nutcases out would be a good place to start. They weren’t welcome in 1980 and they’re not welcome now. But we shouldn’t allow our thoughts to be too clouded by a small largely irrelevant minority of aging fascists and their ideological mirror images.

13/ So maybe its simply the nature of the beast that can never be fixed?

Of course it can be fixed. There were factions in Oi in 1980, and most of them were football or area related. There are always divisions in the working class. But sometimes a band can break through that can talk to people irrespective of the team they follow or how they vote or whether or not they’d happily leave their deposit in the Reverend Flowers.

14/ So, 5 years down the road, The Gonads still be here?

Everyone’s got to be somewhere....I’m not going anywhere until Frankie does because he owes me a pint.

15/ And on that note, I'll thank you for your honest and entertaining answers as always, and invite you to add anything which you'd have liked to cover but I simply never asked about?

Cheers Benny. As well as the gigs we’ve mentioned, the Gonads do intend to record a brand new studio e.p. in 2014 and Greater Hits Volume 3. Also The SkaNads aim to record and gig throughout the year and most important I’m writing a brand new album with Clyde Ward which may or may not be credited to the Brothers Gonad. It’s all happening next year mate.


Like most bands SHAM 69 has had its fair share of ups and downs.

Formed in 1975 by local lads Jimmy Pursey and Neil Harris, along with John Goode and Albie Slider and Andy Nightingale aka Billy Bostik.
The band since then had many line up changes, with all members at one stage leaving and coming back and during that time the band released such memorable songs as BORSTAL BREAKOUT, ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES, HERSHAM BOYS and the anthemic IF THE KIDS ARE UNITED.

The band fell apart in 1979 following Jimmy Pursey's departure to become a Ballet Dancer/performance Artiste only to return and try to overcome what was to many by then nigh on the end. The band split in 1983 and after fairly unsuccessful solo careers the band was reformed in 1986 by Ian Whitewood, Dave Parsons and Jimmy Pursey. It was then decided that the band should enter a new creative phase, but this alienated many of their old fans and for the next two decades the band rarely played and the fans became more and more alienated to the new SHAM 69 style.

It was during the period between 2000 and 2006 that the band had entered its worst phase, where 'no shows' and the lack of band activities sounded the death knell.
At that time SHAM69 entered a period of questioning its role in the scene, with momentary reflections on the current events of the time. Sham then briefly returned to form with the reworking of HURRY UP HARRY into HURRY UP ENGLAND for the World Cup which entered the charts.

In 2006 SHAM69 made A dramatic but justifiable decision to sack Jimmy Pursey. Both Dave Parsons and Ian Whitewood decided to carry on and get a new vocalist.. Tim V.

Tim V had come from a long history of Punk and having toured many times with his own projects, he was taking on a huge task. With the support of many friends such as ‘sniffing glues’ Mark P and others within the scene he overcome this. With his tenacity as a Londoner with street attitude, this fitted in well with what needed to be done.

The band then released its first original album in nearly 8 years WESTERN CULTURE and due to pressure from the newly gained fans a new Greatest Hits album SERIOUSLY ULTIMATE was released.
The band set about rebuilding what had become a shell of a band by starting from scratch playing shows around the UK. It was following that success, that enquirys into the band from fans and promoters that a tour of Europe was to follow. The band then completed a successful tour of the USA followed by a sell out tour of Japan.

The band then acquired the Bass skills of Al Campbell in 2009, who himself had served with UK SUBS for 13 years as well as playing with Marky Ramone and the legendary Jayne County and The Electric Chairs.
This was the bands most successful period with demand at its highest in 30 years, the band toured the world and played countries that it had never done previously. The line up had worked wonders by rebuilding a band from scratch and more importantly rebuilding an ethic that was in effect non existent.
The band went on to perform to over 440,000 people at Poland's biggest festival Woodstock and followed that up by being the first major Punk band to tour China. This adventure was filmed and is shortly to be released worldwide on both TV and Cinema.
The band then released its new original album WHO KILLED JOE PUBLIC to great reviews.
In 2011 Dave Parsons had a change of heart and decided that he alone would dictate the bands future and despite his previous moral stands, he went back on that and rejoined Jimmy Pursey.
Though a major humiliation again for SHAM 69’s reputation the remainder of the band who of course had been 75% of the driving force of its new found success decided to carried on.
The bands passion for doing the right thing led them to replace Dave Parsons with guitar stalwart Tony Feedback a founder of the Mod band LONG TALL SHORTY.

Its was the noticeable shock at what many fans saw as a sell out by Dave Parsons that the founder member of SHAM 69 and original Lead Guitarist Neil Harris got in contact with Tim V and a new page in SHAM 69's history was formed. Neil Harris who formed the band with Jimmy Pursey in 1975 has brought what was in essence the foundation of its existence to the table.

At last with a line up that has earned its right to perform both morally and what has become legally. For Ian Whitewood it see’s him in his 27th year as the SHAM 69 drummer and it also sees a return to the 2 guitarist set up as it was from the beginning.

The band wants to exist on the principles of being a live working lets get real and hear some real Boot Kicking Street Punk.

SHAM69  have triumphed against stigma and ignorance over the last 5 years and it shows.










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